Based on AlAin City Municipality's priorities which concerned about improving the services provided to residents and community and enhancing the efficiency and process excellence, AlAin City Municipality has moved through restructuring engineering processes, in which it changes the way the processes were delivered in order to be aligned with Abu Dhabi Government's Initiative to be one of the 5 best governments in the world and to achieve AlAin City Municipality's vision which is Distinctive Municipality and sustainable Development for the Oasis city. Therefore; As per the criteria of applying the technological solutions in the city, AlAin City Municipality has dramatically moved from the manual means of providing the services to electronic means with putting into consideration providing the needs of all the customers groups. One of these groups is the deaf people, therefore; the description of AlAin City Municipality's services has been provided using the sign language (the language of the deaf) in order to satisfy the needs of this group of valued customers. In addition, the AlAin City Municipality has provided a video for the customers' communication channels using the sign language in order to make sure that the deaf people will be always in touch with AlAin City Municipality.

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