In keeping with the Strategy of Abu Dhabi Government and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has launched Tawtheeq Project for registering details of rentable properties and tenancy contracts using the latest technologies and applying global standards in this regard.


We aim at registering properties and tenancy contracts in Abu Dhabi Emirate with the aim of streamlining and improving the real estate market through introducing the latest technologies and standards applicable in this field.


  • Leverage the real estate market, and streamline/cement the relationship between property owners and tenants in the Emirate.
  • Deliver comprehensive & integrated customer services aimed at saving customers effort & time, and simplifying procedures.
  • Standardize tenancy contract forms.
  • Improve the urban appearance of the city through streamlining the real estate market, and overseeing tenancy contracts.
  • Set up official, accurate and uniform database for the real estate market to help the concerned parties take appropriate decisions.
  • Provide accurate statistics and studies about the real estate market in the Emirate.
  • Contribute to the security and safety of the community, and deliver necessary support to the concerned bodies.
  • Build a powerful relationship with the private sector with the aim of providing highly efficient services.


  • Speedy, efficient, and accurate processing of lease transactions through the provision of all-inclusive and safe solutions.
  • User-friendly & accessible system.
  • Easy compilation of statistical reports and accurate information.
  • Integration and communication with relevant public and private entities.
  • Possibility of completing registration of tenancy contracts online.
  • Streamlining and strengthening the relationship between the contracting parties, besides ensuring transparency & credibility of transactions as well as the privacy of information.


  • Lease transactions approved by the concerned official bodies.
  • Transparency & credibility in processing lease transactions.
  • Smooth, quick and flexible processing of transactions that saves time and effort.

  • Provide various information related properties, and tenancy contracts through using advanced technologies.

  • Simplified processing, quality assurance and accurate information; which will facilitate the contracting and registration process.

  • Provide logistics needed for the use of modern technologies by property companies and owners to help them streamline and manage their won properties.