Should a Document submitted to ADM to be reviewed and approved by the Consultant before being submitted by the Contractor to the ADM?

Any document is to be submitted to ADM, as an Authorized Authority from the Sector Regulatory Authority, must reflect the information collected from the Entity itself.

Does the system only concerns the New Projects, or it also includes the on-going projects?

HSMS Covers all the Operations & Activities preformed by the Entity.

What is a Nominated Entity?

A nominated entity is an entity that has been selected by a Sector Regulatory Authority that is required to develop and implement compliant EHSMS to continue to operate in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in accordance with Decree Number 42 of 2009 concerning the Environment, Health and Safety Management System in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Why have I been chosen as a nominated entity to develop an EHSMS under the Building and Construction Sector?

Entities within the Building and Construction Sector are defined as those that are directly involved or associated - by clear contractual terms - with supplying a service, role, finance or management of a building and construction project. The Building and Construction Sector comprises entities mainly working in the construction of buildings and other structures, additions, alterations, reconstruction, refurbishment, installation, and maintenance and repairs. Entities working in demolition or wrecking, asbestos removal, clearing of building sites, and selling of materials from demolished structures are also included. This sector also includes entities working in landscaping, haulage, blasting, test drilling, landfill, leveling, earthmoving, excavation, land drainage, and other land preparation.

What happens when you have submitted your Registration Form (Form A)?

Once receiving of your electronic Form, it will be reviewed for the completion of the data entered. Based up on the review, an electronic notification will be delivered to you with all the details required.

Will the Building and Construction Sector be enforcing the AD EHSMS Requirements?

Enforcement will be introduced in the future. Our main objective at this time is focusing on education and assistance to ensure that the requirements of the Framework are met. Needless to say, we have a moral obligation to ensure that the health and safety of workers and the environment are protected and where necessary, we will insist on corrective measures.

Will the Sector be offering assistance and advice to the Entities?

That is the main focus of the Building and Construction Sector: to ensure any assistance we can give is offered. We will be running series of workshops, one-to-one sessions and where required, we will visit any entity on request to assist them in development of their EHSMS. We will also have our website operational in the near future where any pertinent information related to the Building and Construction Sector will be made available.

How can we contact the Building and Construction Sector Regulatory Authority?

Essentially when communicating please do so in writing. General enquiries can be submitted by email to ( ). We will acknowledge receipt of your email and try to respond within 48 hours.

Are there any special requirements for Building and Construction Sector Entities?

The Abu Dhabi EHSMS Regulatory Framework is always the main reference point with regards to compliance to Decree Number 42 of 2009. The Building and Construction Sector Regulatory Authority (SRA), like other SRA’s, are adding their own specific requirements which will be made available to Entities as they are developed.

How do we obtain information about the Abu Dhabi EHSMS Regulatory Framework?

Visit the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health & Safety Center website and follow the link to Abu Dhabi EHSMS. All up to date released information concerning the EHSMS Framework requirements are available for accessing and downloading.

There is a lot of work to be undertaken. How long have I got to develop an EHSMS?

You have six months from the date of notification that you are a nominated entity to develop and implement your EHSMS

Do you have simplified process map that demonstrates the registration and submittal process?

Map exists and is available for all in the head office of the Department of Health, Safety and Environment in the building of Abu Dhabi City Municipality.

The Form requests information bout our Head Office, yet the office located in Abu Dhabi is just a branch, and our Head Office is located in a different emirate/ country. Please advise.

Contacting the HO shall reflect the Head Office in Abu Dhabi, yet in your case, please list out the office were the commercial license was issued based up-on.

Do you require us to list the projects outside of Abu Dhabi, too?

You are required to enter the projects listed within Abu Dhabi Emirate.

We are currently certified for all the following certificates; ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 for all our operations within Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Based on this what realistic target date is expected by the HSE Division Team for EHSMS within our Entity

Development Target Date: within the 2 years from registration date.

Implementation Target Date: Commencing the implementation shall be based upon the agreed, after getting approval for your Management SystemImplementation Target Date.

As you are certified, then it is from the ease to comply with the extra requirements to complete the approval process towards your Entity’s Environment, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS).

Is this system project specific or global for one contracting company?

The Environment, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS).is a Global System for an Entity as a whole.

What is an Environment Health and Safety Management System?

An Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) is a management framework that provides a systematic approach which can be used by any enterprise or organisation to continuously improve its business management to achieve efficiencies and better EHS outcome.

Who is an Entity?

Every Client/ Developer, Consultant, Contractor, and Supplier for the Sector Regulatory Authority Projects is considered under this definition as an Entity.

What are the HSE requirements for building permits?

Please click the following link to view the HSE requirements for building permits

Who will prepare the HSE plan and the risk assessment (which required for some building permits) contractor or consultant?

The HSE plan and risk assessment should be prepared and approved by the contractor, also they must be reviewed and approved by the consultant.

How long will it take to approve risk assessment or HSE plan by ADM-HSE Division?

The risk assessment or HSE plan will be approved by ADM – HSE Division within one working day if they fulfill the requirements.

Are there any fees/charges to get the approval for the HSE requirements related to the building permits?

The approval for the HSE requirements related to building permits is free of charges.
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