Building permit request for separate building on plot containing an existing building (Al Ain)

The service aims to facilitate obtaining a Building permit as per the request category in the project registration.

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Process Description

1- Log in to the Permitting System.
2- Select the service and upload required documents.
3- Receive outcome within the specified service time.

Not Applicable
1- Site Plan
2- Architectural Plans Table
3- Code Compliance Table
4- GFA Information
5- General Plans Drawings
6- Section Drawings
7- Other Drawings, Plans, ...Details 
8- Existing Buildinds Plans (if applicable)
9- Soil Test Report
10- Strutural Plans Table
11- General Structural Information
12- Plan Drawings for Columns and Walls for all floors (Workload calculations included)
13- Walls and Columns Cross Sections
14- Foundations Plans
15- Foundations Cross Sections and Details
16- Horizental Slabs Plans Drawings
17- Beams & General Sections Table
18- Stairways Drawings & Details
19- Horizental View - Shoring System
20- Shoring System Sections and Details
21- Structural Calculations
22- Water and Sewage connection drawings
23- Energy Saving Drawings
24- Electrical Drawings
25- Mechanical Drawings
26- Sewage Network Drawings
27- Water Network Drawings
28- Telecommunications Network Drawings
29- Firefighting Drawings (For Civil Defence)
30- Emergency Drawings
31- Site Plan Showing Electricity Room and Loads
32- Water Connections Plan
33- Sewage Connection Plan
34- Approved Enivornmental Impact Study
35- Safety and Fire Protection Plans
36- Approved Traffic Impacy Assessment Study