Abu Dhabi

The initiative brought together local artists to create striking artworks in various bus shelters across the city


The Department of Municipalities and Transport – Abu Dhabi (DMT) has launched Abu Dhabi Canvas, a transformative project aimed at adorning the cityscape with captivating murals created by Emirati and locally-based artists.


By strategically placing these distinctive murals at bus shelters in key areas such as Al Nahyan, Al Bateen, Al Manhal, Al Mushrif, Al Danah, and Al Muntazah, the initiative, in its first phase, aims to create immersive experiences that engage and inspire residents and visitors, fostering a greater sense of connection and pride in the city and its public appearance.


Embodying the themes of community, mobility, culture, growth, urban planning, and sustainability, Abu Dhabi Canvas also underscores DMT's dedication to nurturing local talent, with Emirati and resident artists dedicating at least 840 hours to bring these murals to life. 


"Abu Dhabi Canvas is more than just an initiative; it's a celebration of our city's identity and a testament to the creativity of our local artists. By adorning key bus shelter locations with dynamic murals, we're transforming public spaces into dynamic showcases that not only enhance the visual appeal to our city but also foster a sense of connection and belonging among residents and visitors alike. Abu Dhabi Canvas reflects our commitment to supporting local talent and creating an inclusive urban environment for all to enjoy," H.E. Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the DMT, said.


Abu Dhabi Canvas marks a significant milestone in the city's journey towards becoming a dynamic and visually captivating destination to live, visit, work, and invest. Residents and visitors are invited to explore the unique murals, which aim to create lasting impressions and spark meaningful conversations while reflecting the vibrant spirit and diverse perspectives that define Abu Dhabi's identity on the global stage.




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