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The Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority, has launched a safety awareness campaign targeting residents, property operators, contractors and owners of all residential properties, with the aim of reducing the phenomenon of random housing in the Emirate by educating people on how to implement safety measures and comply with licenses and procedures for appropriate uses . This initiative is part of DMT and Civil Defence's commitment to helping developers and end users of residential properties stay safe.

The campaign aims to promote a safety culture about the dangers of improperly modifying properties or failing to periodically check safety equipment. DMT and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence sent direct messages to residents, operators and owners to emphasize the importance of compliance with regulations, with a series of awareness videos on how to implement safety measures and rules for changing property specifications.


DMT and the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Authority called on residents to comply with laws regarding documentation and modification of property specifications, and to ensure that all security and preventive safety procedures are followed, such as providing clear and fluid exits in the event of a crisis, providing and reviewing fire extinguishers, and smoke and heat detectors for early warning systems.


The ongoing cooperation between DMT and Abu Dhabi Civil Defence emphasizes the need to implement the safety standards and requirements stipulated in DMT's "Abu Dhabi International Building Codes" and the Civil Defence's "UAE Fire & Life Safety Code Of Practice", which covers the maintenance of existing buildings and contains minimum requirements for buildings in terms of maintenance, equipment. These requirements cover remediation, protection against natural hazards, fire safety and safe and sound maintenance.


As part of its commitment to society, DMT is focused on defining the requirements for safety and damage prevention measures in accordance with DMT's and the Civil Defence regulations, which embody the Abu Dhabi government's vision and goals of establishing a common framework to serve all parties involved in the building permits and regulation of all construction and urban development projects in the emirate.

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