Abu Dhabi

In an effort to increase direct communication with all segments of society and stakeholders, the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has launched the 'Nshawercom' initiative aimed at listening to their views and aspirations and effectively incorporating those views and aspirations into the planning and implementation stages.

DMT and its affiliates will hold formal councils, majales and community forums across the emirate as part of the "Nshawercom" initiative.

Nshawercom, which means "We consult you", engages with all segments of the community and listens to them directly according to specific criteria developed from their feedback and data collected from customer service centres reports. Through this, DMT can tailor operational activities to the needs of the emirate's residents. In addition, it will encourage continuous cooperation with all sections of the company to foster sustainable and integrated progress.

His Excellency Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport said: "For sustainable development to be successful, it is crucial to maintain direct communication with the community.”

"It is our constant goal to provide more tools to measure the extent to which the population is satisfied with the vital sectors. The 'Nshawercom' initiative represents a new step that will allow us to learn about their views and understand their aspirations. In addition, we can involve more youth forces to shape our visions of future cities based on innovations."

DMT will analyse and document the perspectives and needs of the residents of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafrah and address them in collaboration with its affiliated entities.

Throughout the initiative, the department will also enhance how it engages with young talent to develop their capabilities as critical drivers of development and change, benefit from innovative ideas, and understand their aspirations.

As part of the 'Nshawercom' initiative, a group of employees from DMT and its affiliated entities, including managers and specialists, will highlight the importance of communicating with the community, raise awareness of building effective communication bridges with the public, and inform them about significant developments across all vital fields.

H.E Al Ahbabi added: "The community engagement is an instrumental element of our strategic planning for ensuring its stability and prosperity and for enhancing Abu Dhabi's position globally as one of the top destinations to live, work and visit.”

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