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The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has launched the Dream Neighbourhood Survey as part of a campaign to engage with the Abu Dhabi community under the slogan, Abu Dhabi a great place to be. The campaign aims to gather the opinions of community members and understand their needs related to the development of residential areas and public facilities.


The campaign marked the start of the next phase of the Livability Strategy, which is in line with the vision and commitment of Abu Dhabi Government to develop and provide integrated and sustainable neighbourhoods that offer a healthy lifestyle in line with Emirati culture and traditions.


The outreach campaign focuses on collaboration with the public and private sectors, utilising social media platforms, conducting workshops with diverse groups of individuals, and conducting innovative surveys that encourage engagement with all residents of Abu Dhabi. The Dream Neighbourhood Survey included various questions aimed at understanding the community's feedback and opinions regarding ideal community facilities near their residences and ways to develop the surrounding residential neighbourhoods.


His Excellency Mohamed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of DMT, said: "The DMT aims to revitalise and develop residential areas to meet the community's needs, diversify transportation options for everyone and develop them, utilise Abu Dhabi's existing assets to create destinations and experiences for everyone, and plan and maintain an integrated, sustainable, and flexible emirate for all.


“The campaign aims to encourage a culture of diversity and engage the various segments of Abu Dhabi society in the development process by studying the needs and opinions of everyone and taking them into account in the decision-making process related to the design and development of community facilities for residential neighbourhoods. It also aims to build digital platforms that enable community members to access information related to the progress of development projects and enable them to provide their opinions and suggestions, in addition to building partnerships with local community institutions, schools, and universities to integrate the population, especially the youth, into efforts related to the development of community and recreational facilities. By building new parks and providing advanced infrastructure facilities, we aim to build sustainable and interconnected communities, meet the needs and aspirations of the emirate's residents, and enhance the quality of life in Abu Dhabi.”


His Excellency Dr Salem Khalfan Al Kaabi, Director-General of Operational Affairs at DMT, said: “The campaign reflects the DMT’s keenness and commitment to understanding the opinions and needs of the community in Abu Dhabi. By listening to people's voices and understanding their requirements, we will be able to adopt strategic initiatives that enhance the quality of life and develop residential areas that meet their various needs. Therefore, we invite everyone to participate in this campaign, as their opinions are valuable and will contribute to shaping the future of sustainable development in the emirate.


"This campaign aims at building bridges of cooperation between the public and private sectors and utilising various communication channels, including surveys, as a means to enhance interaction with all segments of society from various backgrounds and age groups.”


According to the Livability Strategy, 113 new parks will be built in Abu Dhabi by the end of 2023, distributed as follows: 70 parks in Abu Dhabi, 30 parks in Al Ain, and 9 parks in Al Dhafra Region. By 2025, an additional 277 new parks will be constructed: 180 parks in Abu Dhabi, 80 parks in Al Ain, and 17 parks in Al Dhafra Region. The first phase of the strategy included projects with a total value of AED12 billion, which encompass providing infrastructure facilities such as pedestrian and cycling paths, beautification works, and community facilities such as sports fields, clinics and mosques, in addition to increasing the number of parks and green spaces across the emirate.


To participate in the survey, visit: dreamneighbourhood.dmt.gov.ae

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