The government and private sectors have a common interest and partnership with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City. The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is committed to continuous coordination with stakeholders to achieve sustainability in infrastructure and other projects under the supervision of the Municipality in Abu Dhabi. In partnership with stakeholders, Abu Dhabi City has established a sustainable urban environment filled with vital residential complexes, parks and services capable of providing a safe living environment.

There has been a lot of recent talk about the success stories of international companies that have assumed their social responsibility to contribute to solving various issues in the surrounding society (environmental, health, social, economic, etc.). This role has had great results in the success of its specialized work for which it was found.

 The concept of sustainable development and ethical institutions has started to spread and develop in recent years, and these concepts are at the heart of the enterprises concerned with social responsibility. As a result of the government's keenness and high directions from the leadership of this wise country, Of community responsibility, to put their hands in the hands of their partners, cooperating with them to apply community responsibility in the business environment and surrounding society.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is committed to partnering with partners to achieve sustainable development and a sustainable urban environment. The emirate is blessed with vital residential communities, parks and recreational facilities at the highest levels of safety and comfort, thus contributing to social responsibility efforts in accordance with the desired objectives. In order to link the role of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City to the enhancement of this pillar, it was necessary to present the policy commitments so that their content would be analyzed and the framework of dealing with the considerations of preparing a strategic plan in accordance with the partners' pillar in the policy.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is committed to:

1. Dealing with common social responsibility principles with all local companies and encouraging these companies and providing the necessary support to carry out their social responsibility towards the individual and society.
2. Develop a mechanism to involve the private sector with the municipal system in social responsibility initiatives.
3. Commitment to select suppliers and partners based on their commitment to social responsibility policies and community activities and their application to related programs.
4. To commit to exchanging experiences and best practices with suppliers and partners in order to enhance cooperation between the two parties.
5. Ensure that partners (e.g. suppliers and investors) are committed to maintaining the overall appearance of the Emirate.
6. Enhancing transparency and facilitating access to information in the municipal system
7. Contribute to the establishment of a secure infrastructure and public facilities to carry out social activities that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development and enhance the quality of life in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and in accordance with the needs of different segments of society including those with special needs (including mothers with their children).

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