The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has received the MVO8000 Certificate and the ISO26000 Community Responsibility Guide, which is an important international recognition of community responsibility in any institution.

What is the MVO8000 certificate?

Developed by QMS as a global quality management system in response to the growing demand for the structure and certification of responsible global business practice.
Certified system and self-assessment register according to international guidelines to provide certification level for each type of business.
Is a holistic approach inspired by the three pillars of sustainability - people, planet, and profit
Show for purchase and society that the work of the entity is in accordance with the principles of accountability, proactive, and conscience

What is the ISO26000 Community Responsibility Guideline?

Is a directive - for all types of organizations, regardless of their size or location - towards:
• Social responsibility concepts, terminology and definitions
• Background, trends and characteristics of social responsibility.
• Social responsibility principles and practices.
• Basic materials and issues of social responsibility.
• Integrate, implement and promote socially responsible behavior throughout the organization, and through its policies and practices, within its sphere of influence.
• Identify and engage with stakeholders.
• Communication, performance and other social responsibility information.

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