Abu Dhabi

On the occasion of "Zayed Day for Humanitarian Work," the Abu Dhabi City Municipality conducted a community initiative named "Our Happiness is Among You" in partnership with the Mussafah Municipality Center. The initiative aimed to bring happiness to society's hearts by promoting community participation across all segments and categories. In collaboration with the Burjeel Holding Group, the initiative focused on the children of the guests of His Highness, the President of the State from Gaza, who are in the Emirates Humanitarian City.
An event was organized in Humanitarian City in the presence of the families and guests of His Highness, the President of Emirates from Gaza. The event comprised various activities, competitions, and recreational games for adults and children. The initiative's main aim was to bring happiness and joy to the children's hearts and create a positive family entertainment atmosphere that was appreciated by everyone who attended the event.
The event featured a range of activities and entertainment for children such as drawing, coloring, magic shows, cartoon character shows, and children's competitions. There were also segments for adults such as the "Sin Jim" section, and a competition with prizes for children. Around 1200 people attended the event, and during the festivities, prizes and gifts were distributed to the children who were guests of His Highness the President of the State from Gaza. The event took place in the Emirates Humanitarian City and aimed to create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere for the families.

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