Abu Dhabi

in collaboration with the City Center Municipality, organized several awareness workshops as part of the "Little Inspector" initiative. The workshops were conducted in partnership with Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), Kaya Clinic, Friends of the Environment Society, and Al Mushrif Mall. The objective was to foster a community culture focused on maintaining the city's appearance, encouraging social responsibility, and addressing any issues that may compromise the overall aesthetic.
During these workshops, the municipality discussed its role, responsibilities, and tasks in preserving the city's civilized appearance. They emphasized the importance of minimizing violations that negatively impact the city's landscape and highlighted the role of municipal inspectors in maintaining the overall appearance. The workshops also provided information on how community members can report any observed disturbances.
The municipality urged citizens to combat negative behaviors that harm the environment and the visual appeal of public and recreational facilities. These behaviors include improper waste disposal, neglecting vehicles in a way that affects the city's appearance, and causing damage to any infrastructure or facility. The municipality emphasized the significance of promoting social responsibility in preserving Abu Dhabi's distinctive aesthetic features and encouraged active participation in enhancing the quality of life and the visual environment across all facilities.

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