Abu Dhabi

The General Director of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, His Excellency Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, extends heartfelt congratulations to the United Arab Emirates, its esteemed leadership, and its citizens, on the occasion of the Fifty-Second UAE National Day.
His Excellency confirmed that the Emirates Union stands as an unassailable stronghold, safeguarding our current era and the future of subsequent generations. It plays a pivotal role in strengthening our national identity and inspires us to redouble our efforts to reinforce the Union's core values and objectives, thereby raising our nation's stature across all domains.
His excellency added: The Emirates Union is a beacon that guides present and future generations to work on establishing pillars of an inclusive development in the country, and rally under the flag of the Union; the dearly held unifying symbol that gathers the hearts of all Emiratis around their wise leadership, to move forward in the path of advancement and achievements that amazed the world, moving from desert land to the wide space, thus affirming that the United Arab Emirates, with each anniversary marking the unification among its people, land, and leadership, earns admiration from all around the world, through humanitarian contributions, its pivotal role in enriching human civilization, and the support for the basis of peace in the world, since the United Arab Emirates is now a pioneer and an example of moderation to all, regardless of geographical proximity, this country proved that there is nothing is impossible and that visions, efforts, and hopes have no limit.
On this occasion, His Excellency stated: We renew our pledge of loyalty and devotion to our nation, its flag, its wise leadership, and its esteemed people. We commit ourselves to pursue the vision for the future as outlined by our astute leaders. This vision is brought to life through the diligent efforts of our youth, both men and women, who are undoubtedly capable of sustaining our accomplishments and creating wonders in every field and aspect.
This speech was delivered at the commemoration ceremony organized by Abu Dhabi City Municipality at its headquarters and all external center divisions, in honor of the Fifty-Second UAE National Day, celebrating the Union State's achievements with pride.
The ceremony featured a diverse array of performances, including music, poetry, and other activities. Highlights included performances by Al Ayyalah group, a buffet offering traditional dishes, a photography corner showcasing traditional scenery, and an entertainment area for employees and children, complete with prizes and competitions for younger attendees. Additionally, there was a permanent exhibition on display.
In this frame, Al Musaffah Municipality Center has organized a ceremony in parallel to this which marked the Fifty-Second UAE National Day, which comprised of the ornamentation of Musaffah Bazar with flags, in cooperation with its strategic partners: Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), the Civil Defence Authority, Musaffah Police, and Burjeel Holding, as well as the distribution of gift, in celebration of this valued occasion, in addition to traditional arts auditions, the military musical band, traditional cuisine, and horse shows.

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