Abu Dhabi

In a collaborative effort with the Emirates Environmental Working Group, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, led by the Shahama Municipality Center, initiated a commendable project. This undertaking involved the planting of numerous tree saplings along the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road, also known as Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street. Spanning approximately 1900 linear meters, the roadside area from the entrance to the White Market after Al Taweelah Bridge to Al Ajban Bridge was adorned with these trees. The project received ample support from 250 dedicated volunteers representing the local community and several strategic partners.
This initiative aligns with the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City's commitment to expanding green spaces, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, and preserving a healthy environment. Additionally, it aims to uphold the overall aesthetic appeal and enhance the scenic beauty along the road. By doing so, the Municipality seeks to bring joy to community members as they traverse the road, while also uplifting their spirits with positive energy.
During the initiative, a total of approximately 600 trees were planted, comprising 300 Ghaf trees and 300 acacia farnesiana trees. The task of planting these trees was carried out collectively by the dedicated employees of the Shahama Municipality Center, enthusiastic volunteers, and representatives from strategic partners.
It is noteworthy that the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, specifically through the Shahama Municipality
Center, has undertaken numerous similar initiatives to plant diverse trees in various areas falling under the jurisdiction of the center. For instance, an initiative was carried out to plant 1,000 mangrove seedlings near the experimental halophyte plant garden in the Shalila area. Additionally, another initiative focused on afforestation by planting 700 Ghaf seedlings along the entrances and exits of Abu Dhabi in the region between the Ghantoot and Seih Shuaib bridges.

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