Abu Dhabi

The Urban Planning Sector of Abu Dhabi City Municipality's Environment, Health, and Safety Management recently hosted an event for construction site workers on Abu Dhabi Island to celebrate International Workers' Day. The event aimed to raise awareness while providing entertainment and was organized in collaboration with Aster DM Health Care Hospital. The municipality is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all categories of workers, as they play a vital role in the production process and are partners in the progress and development of Abu Dhabi.
The event aimed to spread happiness among the workers and acknowledge their crucial role in driving the wheel of development and progress. Additionally, the event aimed to raise awareness about potential risks that may arise during construction and construction operations and educate them on how to prevent such risks to preserve their health and safety.
The event consisted of various entertainment segments to celebrate the workers, and an awareness lecture was presented to a group of workers on construction sites. The lecture was given by managers, engineers, supervisors, and workers who specialize in construction work, with the aim of raising awareness about the common risks that may lead to accidents or injuries and how to prevent them.
During the lecture, the speaker emphasized the significance of implementing health and safety regulations in construction sites to minimize the occurrence of accidents. Attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions, share their thoughts, and engage in discussions to exchange ideas and opinions.
During the presentation, practical safety methods for construction sites were demonstrated. These included the importance of personal protective equipment in safeguarding workers from potential hazards and the benefits of offering free medical examinations to employees. Additionally, incentive gifts were distributed to those who adhered to safety procedures and requirements.

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