Abu Dhabi

During the first half of 2023, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, under the Support Services Sector, made notable advancements, particularly in the digitalization and e-archiving of municipal documents and in providing training programs to enhance employee skills.
In the municipality's digital transformation effort, a total of 685,333 files across various sectors and departments were digitalized, hitting a 100% completion rate. They also digitized contractor and supplier evaluation processes on the Oracle system, transitioning from paper forms, and achieved 100% in performance indicators.
Focusing on upskilling its employees, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Support Services Sector, conducted hundreds of training sessions in the first half of 2023. This includes 651 online courses on the Coursera platform, 321 mandatory job-related training sessions, 469 competency-enhancing courses, 53 assorted employee workshops, and training 520 personnel in environmental, health, and safety protocols.
Furthermore, the municipality trained 43 university students, monitored 20 graduate trainee plans, oversaw 37 alternate service employee plans, tracked 33 knowledge transfer schemes, approved 32 academic leave requests, monitored 164 performance improvement strategies, supervised 118 consultant contract employee evaluations, and assessed 35 trainee graduates.
Additionally, the municipality arranged 12 "mentor sessions" with the Director General of Abu Dhabi City Municipality and six experience project workshops. The "We are all accountable" initiative was also launched to boost employees' awareness of their institutional rights and responsibilities, while also sharing educational insights based on operational requirements.
In collaboration with the National Service and Reserve Authority, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality welcomed 35 trainees from the alternative national service, providing them with job-based training, emphasizing their contributions to vital sectors.
The municipality, through the Support Services and Assistance Sector, completed the project of rehabilitating the facades of residential buildings in Al Bahia area and the project of refurbishing and painting the facades of the Green Market in Al Shahama during the first half of the current year. The sector also participated in supporting many community and awareness events organized by the municipality and its branches, including: the "Together Towards a Better Environment" event in Al-Adla Park, the "I See My City More Beautiful" event in Bani Yas Park, the "Together We Walk" event in Al-Khatem Park, the "Al-Mushrif Ramadan Market" in the Al-Mushrif area, the "Neighborhood Stall" in the Family Park, the "Community Market" in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, the Riyadh City Festival, and others.
Working alongside the Abu Dhabi City Municipality's sports team and the Department of Community Happiness and Services, a recreational event was hosted for employees and their children at "Aa Al Bahr" beach on the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The event saw the participation of 100 attendees, including visitors to the Corniche.

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