Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with its sub-centers, conducted an awareness campaign to reduce food waste. This campaign was held in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority's Preservation of Grace Project, targeting all community members within the Municipality's geographical scope.
The campaign aimed to instill a culture of giving among community members and raise awareness about the negative impacts of food waste on both the economy and the environment. It focused on encouraging the optimal utilization of food and promoting positive behaviors aligned with sustainable development goals. This included the importance of avoiding unhealthy eating habits, reducing the amount of food prepared, purchasing only what is needed, and avoiding excessive and impulsive shopping. Such practices help in preserving resources, ensuring their sustainability, and reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of and recycled.
Additionally, the campaign urged community members to conserve resources, maximize their use, and cooperate in redistributing surplus food that is fit for consumption. This effort aimed to reduce food waste and assist those in need by redistributing surplus food through the "Preservation of Grace" Project. Community members were informed about the project and how to contact the relevant authorities to hand over surplus food, ensuring that it is delivered to the intended recipients safely and following proper procedures.
The campaign also included the dissemination of various awareness publications through the Municipality's official social media accounts and the "Freejna" application, as well as sending awareness messages to the campaign's target groups.

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