Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has undertaken a comprehensive initiative to elevate the aesthetics of the median islands that intersperse the city's main thoroughfares within Abu Dhabi Island. This initiative, which reflects the Municipality's dedication to the enhancement and maintenance of the general landscape, culminated in the recent completion of a significant redevelopment and augmentation of the natural beauty assets adorning the median island of Khalifa Bin Zayed Street on Abu Dhabi Island. This stretch spans from the junction at Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street to the crossroad with Al Hosn Street.
The recently completed revitalization project encompassed a variety of horticultural enhancements. These encompassed the planting of vibrant flowering trees, soil cover plants, seasonal flora, and an assortment of ornamental shrubs. A standout feature is the planting of approximately 6096 ruellia plants and 2564 secilenia plants as soil covers. Moreover, the project proudly features 18 blossoming Cordia trees.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality continually implements thoroughly strategized plans to boost the horticultural assets gracing the central islands scattered along the city's varied streets within Abu Dhabi Island. The intent is to augment the green cover and enhance the visual appeal of the cityscape, accomplished by planting an array of flowering and fruit-bearing trees along with soil covers. This effort not only conserves the city's cultivated appearance but also aligns with the ongoing urban revitalization, bolstering sustainability benchmarks in relation to natural beauty assets.

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