Abu Dhabi

Driven by its commitment to fostering partnerships with various government and private entities in implementing community events and initiatives and within the framework of Abu Dhabi City Municipality's endeavors to establish recreational and sports facilities that support and promote community health, physical fitness, and individual well-being, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the City Municipality Center and in collaboration with partners: I Clown Company, Aster DM Healthcare, and Dr. Nutrition Center has implemented a recreational community sports event under the title "Sports Without Limits" in the Capital Park in Abu Dhabi.
The event aimed to improve health and sports awareness and promote the utilization of community resources available to support sports and healthy lifestyles for all members of society. Additionally, the event aimed to foster sports and health development among community members.
The event also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of community involvement in upholding values of societal responsibility. These values relate to maintaining the overall appearance of public and private facilities, addressing urban landscape distortions, guiding community members on the best use of public and recreational facilities, and contributing to their long-term sustainability.
The event included a volleyball match in Capital Park and comprehensive medical examinations provided by Aster Hospital and Nutrition for participants and attendees.
The municipality ensured diversity in the event's segments, including theater, awareness, and entertainment workshops for the public and children. The event concluded by honoring participants and winners with tokens of appreciation and symbolism.
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