Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Municipal Services Sector - Public Health Department, conducted an awareness-raising inspection campaign regarding compliance with health requirements in beauty centers and women's and men's salons inside and outside Abu Dhabi Island. This coincides with the approach of Eid Al-Fitr and due to the high demand for these centers and salons during this period and the increase in the number of their visitors.
The five-day campaign aimed to raise awareness among the owners and staff of beauty centers and barbershops about the importance of adhering to all health and public hygiene requirements in these establishments. It also focused on improving the quality of services offered to the public and emphasized the necessity of collaboration with regulatory authorities and inspectors to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.
During the campaign, the Municipality teams carried out over 100 inspection visits to the targeted centers within the geographical jurisdiction of the Municipality and its subsidiaries. These inspections verified compliance with all mandatory health and public hygiene standards in beauty centers, women's salons, and barbershops, while also emphasizing to their staff the importance of adhering to these standards to safeguard community health and safety. Additionally, a number of warnings were issued to some violators, accompanied by follow-ups to monitor the level of compliance in meeting the required standards.
The campaign further involved distributing various awareness materials in Arabic and English via the Municipality's official social media platforms and the “Freejna” application. This was aimed at enlightening owners and staff of beauty centers, women's salons, and barbershops about the critical need to adhere to all essential health regulations to prevent violations and ensure the health and safety of the community members.

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