Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the operations department of its sub-municipalities, has successfully planted (5,083,555) flowers for the summer season. This achievement, characterized by an engaging and eye-catching presentation, continues to beautify the city of Abu Dhabi and its neighboring areas, enhancing the aesthetic features of facilities and streets with the goal of improving the overall landscape of Abu Dhabi city and its suburbs.
As per the senior management's directives, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City confirmed its target of planting 10 million flowers across the summer and winter seasons of the year 2023.
The Musaffah Municipal Center, Al Wathba Municipal Center, Al Shahama Municipal Center, Madinat Zayed Municipal Center, and the City Municipality Center have all executed their plans to distribute and plant flowers within their jurisdictions. Each center has reached 100% of their beautification targets and continues to work towards the ultimate goal of planting 10 million flowers in a variety of shapes and colors.
The Municipality noted that the summer and winter flowers are characterized by their diverse colors, appealing aesthetics, and fragrant scents. For these reasons, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality strives to plant them in high-traffic areas to enhance the overall elegance and attractiveness of the locations and facilities.
The municipality further focuses on creative and innovative flower arrangements to challenge traditional agricultural stereotypes and reimagine the aesthetic characteristics of the area. The type of flowers used for each site is carefully chosen based on a thorough analysis of the site's specific needs and the most suitable flowers in terms of color, size, growth patterns, and scent.
The municipality emphasized its commitment to implementing the best international practices for aesthetic plantings, including considerations like choosing colors that positively influence people's moods, coordinating the colors of the flowers with existing plants, and ensuring harmony between the selected flowers and the existing vegetation. The ultimate aim is to create a breathtaking landscape that adds to the joy of the community and enhances its appreciation of beauty.
In this context, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City urges residents and visitors to public facilities and parks to be mindful of their social responsibilities towards preserving flowers, vegetation, green spaces, and trees, and to contribute towards making our cities some of the most beautiful, esteemed, and soul-soothing in the world. They highlighted that the primary goal of these beautification initiatives is to foster happiness among all community members, promote sustainable environmental values, and keep our cities ever more beautiful and grander.

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