Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector, organized the 2023 Institutional Excellence Forum in the main building of the municipality, in cooperation with: Zayed University, the Higher Colleges of Technology and the Mohammed bin Zayed University for the Humanities.
This forum aims to spread the culture of institutional excellence and enhance its practices in all governmental and private sectors, increase awareness, share knowledge, and exchange distinguished experiences and skills, through reviewing and drawing inspiration from experiences and best practices among participating academic bodies, introducing activities and developments in the areas of institutional excellence work, and activating Improving the communication mechanism between entities and strategic partners, providing the opportunity for those interested in institutional excellence to meet and exchange experiences and successful experiences, and highlighting the most prominent local and international excellence awards and the features of the journey to improve institutional performance.
The forum focused on a number of main topics, such as: sustainability, artificial intelligence, and concepts of institutional excellence, where the participating entities presented a number of sessions. Zayed University presented a knowledge session on the most important opportunities and challenges facing small and medium-sized companies in emerging markets to apply sustainability standards and ways to develop methodologies. Especially for small and large projects.
The Higher Colleges of Technology also presented the second session on artificial intelligence in serving municipalities and developing skills by exploring future prospects. The UAE's most important strategies for artificial intelligence and the applications used in this field were discussed. What are the most important skills needed to keep up with artificial intelligence
During the third session, the lecture from Mohammed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences discussed the definition of sustainability and its importance in the modern world. Explaining the three dimensions of sustainability and the most important steps towards sustainability, “My Carbon Footprint,” discussing challenges and opportunities, and exchanging ideas.
The fourth session included a discussion of the concepts of institutional excellence and the stages of its development, and clarification of the importance of excellence for institutional work in general and the government sector in particular. And paving the optimal road map towards excellence to overcome challenges and overcome them smoothly.
At the conclusion of the forum, the participating entities were honored by Ms. Sarah Albraiki, Acting Director of the Corporate Excellence Department in the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector, and certificates of thanks and appreciation were presented for their fruitful participation and effective efforts to make this forum a success.

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