Abu Dhabi

Through Musaffah Municipality Center and in collaboration with our partner (Al Rashed Transport), Abu Dhabi City Municipality is pleased to announce the opening of a cricket field in Musaffah Industrial. This initiative is part of our commitment to encouraging sports, improving individual health, and establishing sports and recreational facilities that bring joy to the community.
This project was initiated as a part of strengthening social responsibility values and the participation of the private sector in implementing projects meant to reinforce components of recreational and service facilities. The partner (Al Rashed Transport), ensured the availability of all necessary equipment for the project, including technical and construction works. As a result, this cricket field has been established in the industrial area, offering workers the opportunity to engage in their favorite sport within a safe and healthy environment. 
The cricket field was established in the Musaffah Industrial Area, Basin No. (43), next to the Musaffah Bazaar Market, and opposite the ICAD Labor City and the walking track, with an area of 8,750 square metres.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality has expressed its utmost appreciation towards (Al Rashed Transport) for its social contribution and support, stressing that the mutual effort between both sectors and the public sector aims to elevate the quality of life by providing more service, recreational, and sports facilities.
Within this framework and in celebration of the official field opening, a cricket match was held with the participation of many workers in a joyful, euphoric, and competitive atmosphere, additionally, awards, medals, and cups were conferred upon the winners in appreciation for their participation and to encourage organizing more sports events.

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