Abu Dhabi

In celebration of the Hijri New Year 1446 and to share with community members their celebrations of this esteemed occasion and what it represents of spirituality and noble Islamic values for all, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has completed the installation of hundreds of illuminated sculptures and formations on Abu Dhabi Corniche and many bridges, in a way that enhances the city's aesthetic appearance and keeps pace with the urban and civilizational renaissance that Abu Dhabi is witnessing.
Over 800 installations and sculptures, a testament to the event's grandeur, adorn the Abu Dhabi Corniche and bridges. These decorative works are inspired by Islamic architecture and geometric formations, showcasing the region's rich cultural heritage. The number of the new Hijri year (1446) is conspicuously installed on hundreds of sculptures, in addition to flashing lighting units and dozens of formations of phrases and sentences installed on the sculptures to congratulate community members on the advent of the new Hijri year.
The decorative pieces that are densely and harmoniously installed on Abu Dhabi Corniche are characterized by illuminated curtains hanging and fixed on iron supports suspended between the columns with comfortable white road lighting. The formations and geometric sculptures are characterized by lighting units in a golden yellow color mixed with white lighting units to match the overall aesthetic shape of the decoration.
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has taken all necessary safety and security measures for the decorative pieces and sculptures that have been installed. These pieces are made from recyclable materials, use energy-efficient LED lighting, and have electrical extensions and lamps made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials that can withstand heat and all climatic changes.
Please ensure that the sizes of the sculptures and illuminated panels are appropriate for the dimensions and spaces of the streets. They should be safe for road users, both cars and pedestrians, to enhance safety factors.
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