Abu Dhabi

Driven by a commitment to foster an enduring, healthy, and pristine environment, and in sync with World Environment Day, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, leveraging its satellite centers in Al Shahama, Mussafah and Madinat Zayed, curated diverse workshops and educational enlightenment initiatives. This was done in collaboration with strategic partners, aimed at heightening environmental consciousness amongst community members about the criticality of safeguarding our natural world.
Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the Friends of the Environment Society, and the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, Al Shahama Municipality Center in Al Bahia Park hosted an event geared towards educating the public about the essence of environmental preservation. The event included several environmental specialists providing insights on climate change and underlining the unwavering commitment of our sagacious leadership towards holistic environmental conservation.
The event also showcased the crucial role of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality in protecting the environment, as well as delineating a few challenges that the UAE grapples with in the realm of climate change, and the strategies to engage the public in mitigating this global concern.
Simultaneously, the Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, situated in Rabdan Park, joined forces with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), orchestrating an event aimed at school students and local residents. This endeavor sought to bolster community engagement, educate community members about the imperative of sustaining a healthy environment, minimizing deformities, and augmenting the aesthetic appeal of the city. They did this by distributing hundreds of trees and roses and providing agricultural seedlings to encourage the populace to plant, coupled with embellishing trees throughout the region.
Elsewhere, the Musaffah Municipality Center, in the Musaffah Industrial Area, organized a consciousness-raising workshop aimed at workers and strategic partners in the region, done in alliance with the Friends of the Environment Society. The aim was to improve awareness amongst the labor force about the significance of maintaining a sanitary and waste-free environment. The campaign also targeted groups to motivate them towards agriculture and enhance green spaces in the Mussafah Industrial Area, given the beneficial impact of agriculture on the environment.

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