Abu Dhabi

The Environment, Health, and Safety Department of the Abu Dhabi Municipality hosted a virtual workshop via Microsoft Teams to discuss the importance of meeting environmental sustainability standards.
This workshop was organized with World Environment Day as part of the municipality's engagement and contribution to global strategic events and activities. It expressed the municipality's commitment to safeguarding the environment and conserving its natural components. 
The workshop aimed to raise awareness among municipal employees about environmental conservation and the importance of adopting positive behaviors and practices to achieve environmental sustainability for future generations.
The workshop emphasized the importance of using eco-friendly products to protect the environment and promote safety.
During the workshop, participants learned about innovative solutions and environmentally friendly practices that can contribute to a more sustainable future. The session covered various topics, such as the definition of environment, the importance of environmental conservation, different practices of environmental conservation, and ways to reduce environmental impact resulting from various operations. Additionally, the workshop delved into the roles and responsibilities of employees and the Abu Dhabi Municipality in preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

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