Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality is committed to enhancing its collaborative relationships with government and private entities to share experiences, learn from best practices, and apply them to improve services.
Within this framework, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector, received a delegation from the Sharjah Municipality, with the aim of developing joint cooperation and exchanging experiences.
For its part, the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Sector welcomed the Sharjah Municipality delegation, appreciating - with all appreciation - this initiative, and stressing the importance of strengthening cooperation relations and exchanging standard visits that ensure the transfer of important and distinctive creative experiences that will improve overall performance and achieve the best levels of community and partner satisfaction with all services.
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality presented its best practices and experiences to the guest delegation. The meeting dealt with informing the Sharjah Municipality delegation of the work mechanism applied to evaluate institutional performance, which contributed to achieving the municipality’s achievements. The meeting also dealt with introducing the guest delegation to risk management and the mechanism for linking it with projects and initiatives.

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