Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, along with its Sub-Centers, has organized awareness campaigns to protect assets, public facilities, and green spaces. These campaigns are aimed at all societal members, including park visitors and companies involved in construction within the Municipality's geographical area. The objective is to enhance awareness about the importance of preserving public facilities, ornamental plants, and the overall aesthetic of the city.
The awareness campaigns, conducted by all Sub-Centers of the Municipality over five consecutive days, are part of the periodic initiatives by Abu Dhabi City Municipality. These campaigns aim to reinforce the Municipal role and educate community members about the importance of maintaining public facilities and services. They also focus on promoting optimal usage in accordance with sustainability standards, ensuring that these facilities remain fully efficient and in harmony with the modern infrastructure and urban development of Abu Dhabi.
Throughout the campaigns, the Municipality's teams dedicated efforts to educate visitors of public parks about preserving various facilities and equipment within these spaces. This includes playgrounds, trees, plants, green areas, seating sections, and barbecue spots. The aim was to encourage usage that maintains their efficiency and supports a clean, healthy environment, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of the community members.
The Municipality's teams highlighted to community members and targeted groups that the collective duty of maintaining public facilities, like gardens and parks, and their civilized appearance is not only a reflection of the community's progress and awareness but also underscores the recognition that these facilities are vital for their comfort, happiness, and improved quality of life.
The campaigns included sharing a variety of awareness materials via the municipality's official social media channels and the "Freejna" app. Text messages were also sent to community members to enhance their understanding of the importance of maintaining public facilities, equipment, and beautification elements. This effort aims to keep these places as contemporary leisure destinations, fulfilling the community's desire for joyful family moments in a secure and healthy environment.

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