Abu Dhabi

With an objective to elevate safety standards and enhance awareness among consultants and contractors, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality has urged construction companies to consistently and punctually submit mandatory reports related to occupational health and safety. These reports are essential for the performance system of the Abu Dhabi Public Health Center. Additionally, companies are encouraged to be cognizant of common reporting errors to ensure future accuracy.
This initiative was highlighted during a virtual workshop hosted by the Municipality's Environment, Health, and Safety Department. The workshop encompassed a comprehensive introduction to the performance program, detailed the types of mandatory reports, and provided insights on the correct procedures for their submission, especially for emerging enterprises.
Participants were also guided on the proper methods to upload forms into the performance system, with emphasis on avoiding recurrent mistakes during submissions. Such diligent reporting ensures swift company accreditation and accurate data transmission. The session also addressed common challenges faced by companies during the reporting process and provided solutions to sidestep these pitfalls.
The workshop strongly recommended high-risk classified contracting firms and consulting entities to intensify their dedication to implementing occupational health and safety protocols at construction sites. This not only safeguards the well-being of their workforce but also emphasizes the timely submission of all obligatory reports and achieves performance benchmarks for the building and construction industry.

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