Abu Dhabi

Under the "Our Capital is more Beautiful" initiative, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, via the Musaffah Municipality Center, has enhanced the aesthetics of the Mussafah Bazaar Market by adorning its walls and tables with charming artwork. The aim is to elevate the market's appearance and establish a refined ambiance befitting the market's bustling activity.
In synchrony with this, a widespread cleanup operation was also launched to better the market surroundings and educate market employees and traders about the correct waste disposal procedures. This effort was coordinated in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer) and ICAD Labour City.
The Municipality mentioned its partnership with ICAD Labour City in executing this artistic initiative. They employed the artistic prowess of one of the city's residents, who volunteered to paint aesthetically pleasing murals on the market's interior walls and produce stands. The purpose was to establish an attractive, harmonious setting that mirrors the vibrancy of the market, while also capturing the notable cultural landmarks, public utilities, and structures of Abu Dhabi.
The volunteer artist drew inspiration from Abu Dhabi's cultural evolution, its beautiful architecture and public facilities, and its most distinctive landmarks for his paintings. His artistry wonderfully mirrored the urban and service development in Abu Dhabi in a visually appealing manner.

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