Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Shahama Municipal Center and the Municipal Presence Center - Baniyas, organized a joint diverse community sports event within the “Sports Without Borders” initiative, with the aim of educating community members about the importance of sports and enhancing the municipality’s role in encouraging the public to practice it and make it a way of life.
The sports event organized by the Shahama Municipality Center at Al Falah Stadium in cooperation with Al Falah School targeted school students with the aim of urging them to practice sports and enjoy good health, and to utilize this community meeting to motivate them to preserve the environment, take care of public and recreational facilities, and consolidate the values of social responsibility.
The sports event included walking exercises, playing football, and tug-of-war, and the event attracted a large audience.
The Municipal Presence Center - Baniyas also organized a sports event in conjunction with the event of the Shahama Municipality Center, which included many diverse sports activities and exercises, walking, football and other games.

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