Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Shahama Municipality Center and within the framework of the "My City is More Beautiful" initiative, organized a waste collection championship and event under the slogan “Shahama for Sustainability” at the “Park 9 in Yas Bay Waterfront.” This championship is the first of its kind in the region and aims to motivate partners and the community to contribute to cleaning the environment, improving the general appearance, protecting public health, and achieving sustainability standards.
The Municipality organized this environmental and civic championship in cooperation with its partners, including the Environment Friends Society, the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, volunteer teams, and people of determination. The event was implemented in an unconventional way to reflect the slogan "Together for Abu Dhabi" and aimed to protect the environment, preserve the city's appearance, and achieve a waste-free environment.
The Municipality clarified that through the event, the first championship at the level of Abu Dhabi City Municipality and sub-municipalities was organized under the slogan " Shahama for Sustainability." The championship is a competition to collect recyclable waste, where teams composed of all segments of society scoured neighborhoods and side streets in search of waste to collect. More than 10 teams competed in the event, which also included raising awareness among all segments of society about protecting the environment, preserving the city's appearance, and applying sustainability standards. The competing teams were divided into the following categories: Individuals; Families; Entities; People of determination.
As for the rules and conditions of competing that were applied in the championship, the Shahama Municipality Center explained that each team, consisting of 2 to 5 people, had to collect waste in a designated area within a time limit of approximately one hour. Running after the time limit was not allowed. Participants sorted the waste by category, and the collected waste was weighed. Each team received a total number of points, and the teams had to leave the designated area clean. Each team received 10 points for every 100 grams of combustible or non-combustible waste collected, 12 points for glass bottles and cans, and 25 points for plastic bottles. Cigarette butt collectors received the highest points, around 100 points per cigarette butt. All teams had a great chance of winning by developing the right strategy to focus on collecting high-point waste, such as cigarette butts and plastic bottles. The championship attracted a large audience, which contributed to its success and achieved its social, environmental, and awareness goals.
At the end of the championship, the Director of the Shahama Municipality Center honored the winning and distinguished teams, as well as the strategic partners and participating segments, in an expression of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s appreciation for their effective role in the success of the championship.

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