Abu Dhabi

Under the banner of the 'Abu Dhabi Beautiful' initiative, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with partners Emirates Foundation for School Education - Al Khatim Boys School and Gulf Ready-Mix Concrete Company, has initiated a transformative activity. This endeavor aims to preserve the general civilized appearance, eliminating negative phenomena and distortions of the civilized appearance in the city of Al Khatim. This is a step towards a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing future for our community. 
This event confirms Abu Dhabi City Municipality's efforts to promote community responsibility among community members regarding the importance of preserving the distinguished aesthetic appearance of Abu Dhabi City and its suburbs, confronting negative phenomena, and eliminating all forms of public appearance deformities. This is done with effective community participation. This campaign aims to consolidate the municipality's continuous efforts to preserve the community's health, safety, and environment and enhance the quality of life. 
Over four consecutive days, we conducted various activities focused on sustainability, environmental cleanliness, and agriculture. These activities included material recycling, general appearance upkeep, green flag and blue flag initiatives, and field activities such as removing writing from the walls of Al-Khatim School building, planting flower seedlings in Al-Khatim park, and cleaning a public facility.
Notably, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi has recently launched a new initiative called "Beautiful Abu Dhabi." This initiative aims to manage all activities related to enhancing the overall appearance and beauty of Abu Dhabi and its suburbs.
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