Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through its Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, marked the conclusion of the festival " Our Summer is More Beautiful/Enjoyable", which took place from July 26 to August 23, 2023, spanning locations like Shakhbout City, Al Raha Beach, and the Rabdan area.
The festival garnered positive feedback from the community for its rich lineup of sporting and entertainment events, contests, and awareness-enhancing educational activities. The goal was to harness the summer break to bring joy to the community, offering events tailored to all societal groups, fortifying community ties, disseminating culture and knowledge, nurturing talents and creativity, and promoting sun safety measures and ways to relish the summer months.
Our Summer is More Beautiful/Enjoyable" featured community-focused summer programs aimed at park-goers, facility users, and indoor hall attendees. These programs served both educational and entertainment purposes, imparting knowledge on various topics and concerns.
Some notable activities hosted during the festival included: "Match of the Week", "Sports Day Delight", "Make An Orphans Happy" Initiative, "Recreational Pursuits at Al Raha Mall", "Our Kids are Innovative/Creative" Initiative, "Summer Gardens Splash" featuring water games, "Suqyana Initiative", "Summer Safety Alerts", "Be Their Shelter - Head Umbrella Distribution", recycling workshops, "Women’s Athletic Day" Initiative, and "Our Workers are our Responsibility" initiative.

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