Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasized the necessity of establishing and maintaining the highest standards and requirements for public swimming pools. This is crucial to safeguard the well-being and safety of the community.
The Municipality's guidelines for operating public swimming pools underscore the importance of maintaining the pools, ensuring cleanliness, and creating a healthy environment that guarantees the safety of pool visitors. These guidelines also outline the necessary requirements for obtaining licenses for operating swimming pools.
The Municipality urges pool operators to adhere to general health requirements, such as taking care of swimwear and towels and storing them properly in designated tanks. It strictly prohibits any contamination of the pool water by disposing of waste or litter. Additionally, jumping into water less than 1.2 meters deep from the pool's edge is not allowed to ensure the safety of swimmers. The person responsible for operating the pool is expected to fulfill their responsibilities by regularly maintaining and cleaning the pool, ensuring the water's quality, and having trained and qualified lifeguards. They should also obtain the necessary licenses from the competent authorities, maintain recycling systems for proper waste disposal, clean the pool walls and bottom daily, and ensure the cleanliness of stairs, barriers, diving equipment, skis, and all pool-related equipment. Water treatment through recycling systems, filtration devices, and disinfection equipment should be carried out, along with providing an effective drainage system. Facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms should be available, and barriers and fences should be in place to ensure the safety of pool-goers. Adequate lighting, proper ventilation, and compliance with the pool's specified capacity are essential to preserve the safety and public health of swimmers.
The Municipality also conducts regular inspections to monitor the health requirements of pool workers. These inspections aim to ensure that workers possess health fitness certificates, proving they are free from infectious diseases. They also involve checking the water quality, the validity of the swimming pool, and its compliance with the regulations in force in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the Municipality ensures there is an adequate number of qualified lifeguards and monitors water temperature, acidity levels, and the proper usage of disinfectants within safe limits.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality places great importance on meeting the requirements of people with disabilities when they visit public swimming pools. The guidelines stress the need to provide all necessary safety measures and ensure access to their own equipment, enabling them to enjoy swimming with a high degree of safety and security.

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