Abu Dhabi

Represented by Zayed City Municipality Center, in collaboration with Ashbal Al Quds School, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), and as part of preserving the aesthetic appearance of the city and promoting the standards of living, Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized the “Madinaty Ajmal (Our City, Our Splendor)” event, which targeted school students, aiming to educate students and visitors regarding the importance of preserving the civilized and aesthetic appearance of the city and its facilities. 
The event included an educational workshop to inform school students on the methods and procedures of collecting waste in its designated bins, segregating it, and recycling it for other uses. It also emphasized the importance of this process in preserving resources and maintaining a clean, healthy environment.
During the event, school students received training on how to plant dozens of different seedlings in the area surrounding the garden. They were also educated on proper planting techniques, tree care, the role this plays in enhancing aesthetic appearance and expanding green landscapes, as well as its positive impact on the environment. Additionally, the event featured multiple educational competitions, recreational activities, and the distribution of gifts and rewards to the winning students and participants.
Under the theme “Hand in Hand to Recycle Used Cooking Oil”, Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center in Bani Yas organized an event named “Madinaty Ajmal / Our City, Our Splendor”, in collaboration with the Environment Friends Society. This event aimed to increase knowledge and social responsibility, as well as to advance health and environmental education among community members. It also sought to bolster the plans of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to achieve the highest rate of waste diversion
The event aimed to raise awareness among community members about eliminating inappropriate behaviors and methods some follow when disposing of used cooking oils, to avoid their impact on the environment. It also focused on educating about the collection of used oils for recycling into biodiesel and sustainable products, which contributes to enhancing sustainability concepts, preventing blockages in sewage systems, and preserving infrastructure.
As part of this initiative, the Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center in Bani Yas launched a competition titled “Bani Yas Environmental Award for Recycling Used Cooking Oil”. This competition was open to all individuals, people of determination, and entities within the center's geographical scope, including restaurants and schools in Bani Yas. Participants were required to submit proof of residence or facility ownership in Bani Yas, such as an electricity bill or a title document for the facility.
Participants in the competition were educated on the correct and safe methods for collecting used oil. These include allowing the oil to cool down before placing it in a bottle or barrel, securing the bottle in a plastic bag for safety, and then contacting the Environment Friends Society to arrange for the collection of the oil for recycling.

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