Abu Dhabi

Represented by the Sub-Municipalities Operations Sector, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has carried out a project of planting 5,484,063 flowers for this winter as part of the municipality’s efforts to enhance the general appearance of Abu Dhabi and the mainland. This initiative aims to bring happiness to residents, adding beauty and joy to public facilities, streets, and squares, and strengthening the unique aesthetic and civilizational aspects of Abu Dhabi, its suburbs, public facilities, and infrastructure. Accordingly, flowers have been planted on the sides of roads, traffic islands, roundabouts, bridges, walkways, and corridors in different areas of Abu Dhabi and the mainland, with the goal of elevating the coordinated aesthetic appearance of public facilities and creating an environment that brings tranquility and comfort to both residents and visitors.
The seasonal winter flowers are distinguished by the diversity of their colors and types, in addition to their aromatic scent. They contribute to the overall beauty of the scenery, forming paintings of creativity and beautiful visual extension.
Additionally, as part of its commitment to preserving and sustaining resources, the Municipality implements natural decoration projects using flowers and plants that align with sustainability standards. This includes selecting flowers that are friendly to the UAE's environment.
At the same time, the municipality confirmed that the total number of flowers planted during 2023, for both winter and summer, was 10,567,618.
The municipality highlighted that it has planted over 5.4 million flowers in various attractive and eye-catching arrangements, enhancing the agricultural symmetry. The goal is to plant over 10 million flowers for both the summer and winter seasons this year.
Each municipality undertook the planting of different winter flowers. Specifically, the City Municipality planted 3,228,009 flowers, Al Wathba Municipality Center planted 507,750 flowers, Musaffah Municipality Center planted 138,352 flowers, Al Shahamah Municipality Center planted 411,850 flowers, and Zayed City Center planted 1,198,102 flowers.
As part of these efforts, Abu Dhabi City Municipality places its faith in the community to foster a sense of social responsibility. This involves preserving the
vegetation, protecting flowers, trees, and all facets of organic beautification, as well as reinforcing their sustainability. Such measures aim to enhance the public aesthetic and bring joy to both residents and visitors

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