Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi beaches witness a significant influx of visitors from all segments of society during the summer, seeking to enjoy quality time with family and friends in a safe environment. Recognizing this, Abu Dhabi City Municipality is committed to organizing diverse recreational beach events and activities catering to all ages, contributing to their happiness, and transforming the municipality's beaches into a preferred destination for the public during summer and vacation.
In line with this commitment, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has organized the " Our Summer on the Beach" event at Corniche Beach on Abu Dhabi Island and Al Durra Pool in Al Shelaylah with several strategic partners. The event aims to activate community facilities, utilize summer vacation for various recreational activities, and offer educational workshops targeting all segments of society.
In collaboration with Happy Baby Events and Al Darmaky Contracting & Agricultural Materials, Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized the " Our Summer on the Beach" event at Corniche Beach. The event featured various recreational activities and educational workshops that conveyed positive messages to the community, aiming to enhance the quality of life and safety of all segments of society. These activities included water games for children, an art studio to nurture participants' talents, and educational workshops presented by strategic partners such as the "Little Lifeguard" and the "Beach Safety" workshops.
Further expanding its summer initiatives, Abu Dhabi City Municipality partnered with Balloons Events to organize the " Our Summer on the Beach" event at Al Durra Pool in Al Shelaylah, Between 11-14 July. The event aimed to enhance the quality of life and happiness for all segments of society. It featured a diverse range of sporting activities in the pool, soapy playground, and inflatable bouncers, all of which created a fun-filled atmosphere that delighted the participating community members and encouraged them to engage in various physical activities.

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