Abu Dhabi

In a recent joint effort, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality and Al Shahama Municipality launched an informative campaign to heighten community awareness of safety measures and protocols at popular recreational sites. This initiative centered around Al Bahia Beach, the Al Shalila water canal, and Al Shahama swimming pools. By spearheading this campaign, the municipality showcased its commitment to nurturing a community that values resident safety and encourages compliance with safety standards across recreational facilities.
Alongside the field campaign, the municipality employed an online approach through its official channels and the "Freejna" app, disseminating educational and awareness-raising messages to the community. This digital initiative aimed to inspire individuals to prioritize safety and public health by adhering to the necessary standards at beaches and swimming pools. By leveraging these electronic channels, hundreds of messages effectively conveyed the significance of following these guidelines for a safer and healthier experience.
During the campaign, a collaborative workshop with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, called "Little Lifeguard," was organized for school students. The objective was to equip these young individuals with vital rescue techniques and drowning prevention skills.
This all-encompassing campaign, featuring both field and digital components, focused on enlightening facility visitors about the importance of obeying signboards. Emphasis was given to informing residents that swimming in the Bahia Sea and Al-Shalila water channel is unsafe due to insufficient safety equipment and measures. Visitors were encouraged to diligently follow safety guidelines, maintain cleanliness, and protect the natural 
environment of the beaches. The campaign also underscored the value of responsible waste disposal practices to preserve the area's beauty and cleanliness for all to enjoy.
Moreover, the campaign sought to heighten awareness and instill a sense of responsibility across societal segments, especially among school students. The goal was to teach
them about beach safety and foster an understanding of the precautions needed to protect themselves and others during swimming activities. The campaign also emphasized the significance of preserving beach environments, encouraging beachgoers to adopt conservation practices like proper waste disposal to maintain the area's cleanliness and aesthetic appeal for everyone's enjoyment.
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