Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in a collaborative effort with the Sub Municipalities Operations Sector, Zayed City Municipality Center, and our esteemed partners Korev for Construction and General Contracting and Sahara General Contracting, recently experimented in the Rabdan area. The project aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the existing green spaces by stabilizing the soil using eco-friendly natural materials, without any construction work. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to adding beauty to the area while preserving the environment.
This experiment in Rabdan is not a standalone initiative. It is a testament to Abu Dhabi City Municipality's ongoing commitment to seek opportunities for improvement and innovative solutions. By optimizing available resources and adhering to sustainability standards, we aim to reduce maintenance costs and promote sustainability. This strategic approach paves the way for more successful projects in the future, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability.
We utilized SC-5000 material in our soil stabilization test. This polymeric substance is produced from plastic and blended with water to create a powerful adhesive between sand particles. It is a water-based chemical free of heavy metals and toxic substances hazardous to soil, making it eco-friendly.
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