Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has requested community members to refrain from gathering, loitering, and sitting on sidewalks, in front of building entrances, emergency exits, entrances to public services, and pedestrian pathways in a manner that obstructs the flow of people and causes inconvenience to others. This measure aims to uphold the overall aesthetic and ensure the community's right to peace and serenity.
This initiative is part of a series of awareness campaigns conducted by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality through its sub-municipal operations sector. It falls within the responsibilities of the sub-municipality centers and aims to enhance
community awareness regarding the upkeep of the overall appearance and the importance of allowing unrestricted freedom and movement for everyone.
Within this context, the City Municipality Center, along with Al Wathba Municipality Center, Al Shahama Municipality Center, Musaffah Municipality Center, Bani Yas Municipal Center, and Mohammed Bin Zayed City altawajud albaladi, executed campaigns with the goal of enlightening the public about refraining from obstructing the movement and freedom of others. These campaigns emphasized not engaging in activities such as gathering, sitting, or loitering in public areas that might cause inconvenience to pedestrians. The campaigns encompassed informative field tours, distributing awareness materials through the Freejna application, sending awareness-oriented text messages to community members, and sharing awareness posts on social media platforms.

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