Abu Dhabi

'Abu Dhabi is Beautiful' events, organized by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality in collaboration with the City Municipality Center, Al Shahama Municipality Center, Musafah Municipality Center, and Baniyas Municipal Community Center, are a testament to the collective effort to preserve Abu Dhabi's beautiful appearance. These events, held in cooperation with a group of strategic partners, aim to raise awareness among community members about the importance of avoiding negative behaviors that can damage the city's civilized and beautiful landscape.
The City Municipality Center, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Knowledge, Tadweer Group, Heartbeat Medical Center Same Day Surgery LLC, and Rosewood Hotel, orchestrated an event aimed at university students, school students, and community members. The event featured many enlightening workshops and lectures, empowering community members with knowledge to care for and protect the environment.
Al Shahama Municipality Center recently organized an event that cooperated with the Department of Health, Al Salam Charter School, and BMW Car Agency in Al Falah. The event aimed to raise awareness among different segments of society and included workshops under the theme "Cars on the Road to Sustainability". These workshops focused on educating community members about the environmental impact of electric, gasoline-powered, and diesel cars.
Baniyas Municipal Community Center, in collaboration with the Heartbeat Medical Center Same Day Surgery LLC and KEZAD Group, organized an event at the KEZAD Building in Musafah to encourage community members to conserve public assets and facilities and recycle used cooking oil.
The event included a closing ceremony to honor the strategic partners and the winners of the "Together for Recycling Used Cooking Oil" competition. Several workshops were held to introduce the competition, which the center launched from February 1 to May 30, 2024. The competition targeted community members such as senior citizens, restaurant owners, and people with disabilities.
Musaffah Municipality Center organized an event at Musaffah Plant Nursery in cooperation with Tadweer Group and Heartbeat Medical Center Same Day Surgery LLC. The event aimed to raise awareness among workers about the importance of recycling and how they can contribute to protecting the environment. During the event, awareness workshops were organized, which included examples of recycling materials, such as reusing palm fronds in the nursery to make on-site fences and recycling various types of waste.

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