Abu Dhabi

Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center - Baniyas has launched its event "My City is More Beautiful," at Al Shawamekh School. Spanning from October 10 to 13, this event emerges from a collaborative spirit, partnering with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), KIZAD Group, its associates, and a vibrant group of school and university students. An estimated turnout of 500 students from Baniyas schools is anticipated, averaging a lively gathering of 100 students each day.
This event harbors a dual vision: firstly, to amplify the presence of the municipality and secondly, to enlighten the community on the pivotal importance of recycling. The objective is to pave the way for a greener environment and to articulate the manifold benefits - both environmental and economic - that effective recycling brings about.
Across its five-day span, the event unfolds a variety of sessions centered around cutting-edge and efficient waste recycling techniques. Such methods don't just resonate with ecological principles but also reinforce public sanitation, communal well-being, and the manifold potentialities of waste - especially when recycled and repurposed across diverse domains.
In a bid to inspire innovation and spread awareness, the event will host an exhibition, showcasing recycling-centric projects and practices from our partners. Furthermore, to kindle the spirit of competition and innovation among the young minds, a recycling contest has been set in motion. Targeting students from early learning phases, the contest has reached out to three schools besides Al-Shawamekh. The apex of this competition will see the emergence of 40 trailblazing recycling projects, with the top ten from each participating school being spotlighted. These winners will not only get a platform to present their groundbreaking ideas but will also hone their public speaking skills. In recognition of their exemplary work, they'll be felicitated, further fueling their passion and acknowledging their invaluable contribution.
Additionally, Al Shawamekh School Theatre is set to host workshops and informational sessions throughout the five-day event, which will be graced by students from various schools, “exhibition visitors”.
To add a unique dimension, Dulsco's state-of-the-art recycling bus will be a part of the event, offering glimpses into mobile recycling procedures. This feature accentuates the bus's cardinal role in buttressing environmental endeavors, with a keen focus on waste recycling.

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