Abu Dhabi

Aligning with the Year of Sustainability and promoting the use of eco-friendly materials among its staff, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, via its Environment, Health and Safety Department, conducted an educational workshop titled "Towards a Disposable-Free Government." The event, held at the Municipal Council Hall in the main municipal building, aimed to enlighten employees about diminishing waste and curbing the use of disposable items.
The workshop offered an in-depth understanding of sustainability and its practical implications for environmental conservation, emphasizing the importance of adopting green materials. Employees were encouraged to minimize waste, particularly single-use items, by embracing reusable alternatives that pose lesser environmental threats.
The workshop highlighted Abu Dhabi's governmental guidelines concerning disposable items and outlined the essential steps for its adherence. The guide equips governmental bodies and their workforce with strategies for curtailing single-use plastic and non-plastic items, promoting a shift towards more environmentally benign alternatives.
Further, the workshop discussed various aspects concerning this initiative, such as the guide's objectives, its application process, monitoring methods, venues included under its purview, an exhaustive list of items requiring commitment, and potential eco-friendly substitutes.

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