Abu Dhabi

Through Zayed City Municipality, Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized the "Community Market" event in Rabdan Park for nine straight days, from December 9th to the 17th, daily from 5:00 to 10:00 PM. This initiative was part of their commitment to reinforcing their societal role, creating entertaining events and family-friendly destinations, and supporting entrepreneurs, productive households, and the wider community residing in the UAE.
The market is organized in collaboration with numerous strategic partners: Zayed University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Emirates Heritage Club, Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, Burjeel Hospital, Your Dental Hospital, Ahalia Hospital, Agthia Company, Gulf Dairy Products Company, Family Development Foundation, National Archives, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, United Sports Academy, Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center, Kids Garden Daycare, Early Learning Center, Lotus Flower Autism Center, Ashbal Al Quds School, Adam and Eve, The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi, Royal phone center, and UFC GYM.
The market features 30 kiosks and 20 display platforms to showcase a diverse range of products from participating households, small and medium-sized project owners, university students, and talented children. These include collections of handmade clothing, crafts, accessories, artworks, prints, farm produce, food items, and traditional desserts.
Entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to introduce their projects to the visitors and describe their creation and development, and students of determination from the Higher Colleges of Technology and Abu Dhabi Sports Club for People of Determination will have the opportunity to speak about their achievements and titles, and how they overcame challenges and difficulties throughout their success journey.
As part of the diverse market events, a series of engaging workshops, insightful lectures, and educational segments will be conducted by our strategic partners. These include: Poetry workshops that explore the art of verse, traditional handicraft workshops featuring Al Sadu, Al Talli, and ceramics, video game workshops designed specifically for children, and informative lectures by Kids Police and The Happiness Patrol. Additionally, there will be a sports education segment, a practical first-aid segment, and complimentary medical examinations available for all visitors.
Additionally, the events include multiple shows and interactive competitions which will take place on stage, as well as the opportunity to win valuable prizes and awards for winners. There will also be Yola and music shows performed by students from Higher Colleges of Technology, as well as cartoon and laser shows, and numerous other entertaining and thrilling shows which were carefully selected to bring joy to the visitors of the market of all ages.

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