Abu Dhabi

The Environment, Health, and Safety Department of Abu Dhabi City Municipality has recently conducted an inspection campaign to ensure that the slaughterhouses in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs are ready, clean, and efficient in serving their customers. The campaign covered Al Shahama Slaughterhouse, the automated slaughterhouse in the Mina area of Abu Dhabi, Bani Yas Slaughterhouse, and Al Wathba Slaughterhouse.
This campaign is part of the municipality's overall preparations for the upcoming Eid al-Adha celebration. The aim is to ensure that all service facilities are ready and able to provide distinguished services in slaughterhouses that comply with the best international health standards.
The campaign had multiple objectives, such as preserving the environment and ensuring slaughterhouse public safety. It aimed to raise awareness among the public and the slaughterhouse workers regarding environmental and public safety requirements. Additionally, it aimed to reduce the impact of slaughterhouse waste on the environment by promoting the best ways to recycle waste. The campaign also sought to measure the environmental impact of slaughterhouse operations.
The campaign included an inspection of the extent to which slaughterhouses are committed to implementing environmental and public safety requirements, covering several axes, including:
1- Safety requirements during slaughter, cutting, and the use of appropriate safety equipment.
2- The correct methods for disposing of sheep waste and an introduction to recycling initiatives.
3- Safety requirements for visitors, emergency situations, correct evacuation procedures, and assembly points.
4- Educating the public about environmental requirements and the importance of community participation in preserving the environment and sustainability.

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