Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with the Mussaffah Municipality Center, has launched the "Mussaffah Star Bazaar" initiative. This program is designed to promote compliance among vendors with the regulations governing market activities, particularly in maintaining cleanliness. The aim is to augment the preservation of the area's aesthetic and to ensure the sustenance of a healthy and pristine environment for all.
During the initiative, several vendors were honored for their considerable efforts in maintaining cleanliness and adhering to the laws of the bazaar market. They received thanks in a public ceremony before their peers, encouraging others to emulate such positive practices. Additionally, the honored vendors were presented with awards and discount coupons as a token of recognition for their role in preserving the civilized appearance of the market.
Moreover, the initiative and the act of honoring the vendors received widespread acclaim from citizens, encompassing both the vendors and community members who frequent the bazaar market. Abu Dhabi City Municipality reaffirms its ongoing commitment to organizing such motivational initiatives. These efforts are aimed at strengthening communication with all community segments and encouraging positive practices that comply with laws, thereby preserving the market's civilized ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

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