Abu Dhabi

Within the scope of the "We consult you" initiative, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, facilitated by the City Municipality Center, orchestrated the "Al Dana Area" Forum in Abu Dhabi. This was done in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company - Tadweer, Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company, Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, and the Integrated Transport Center.
The purpose of the forum was to strengthen ties with the region's inhabitants, showcase ongoing projects, and introduce those slated for future implementation, all with the aim of enhancing residents' contentment and quality of life. Additionally, these forums are platforms to gather feedback and suggestions from residents concerning local services, current conditions, and anticipated community needs.
During the forum's opening remarks, the Municipality emphasized its commitment to bolstering cooperative efforts, exchanging ideas, perspectives, and recommendations with the community. The insights gathered from these forums support a shared vision and objectives to perpetually refine the services offered by the municipality and its affiliates, enhance public amenities, and elevate the living standards, aligning with overarching principles set for the upcoming fifty years.
Further, the Municipality expressed that such forums genuinely epitomize the guidance from our sagacious leadership. They advocate for bridging the gap between governing bodies and the community. The forums hold immense significance as they authentically encapsulate community sentiments, thoughts, and aspirations. These valuable insights will underpin both present and future plans and endeavors aimed at persistently enhancing the populace's quality of life, offering optimal living standards and superior services.
Similarly, during the forum, Abu Dhabi City Municipality highlighted numerous projects tailored to bolster the infrastructure of the Al Dana region. These projects are designed keeping in sync with the escalating trajectory of growth, both demographically and economically observed in the area. Through these initiatives, the municipality aspires to create and augment an infrastructure system that can cater to the relentless growth in the region and furnish communal and leisure amenities that ensure residents' happiness and welfare.
Furthermore, the Municipality, along with its strategic partners, attentively addressed questions and inquiries from local residents regarding current and envisioned projects. They also welcomed their suggestions and perspectives concerning the advancement of services and facilities in the Dana region.

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