Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality urged parties responsible for construction sites to recognize the importance of maintaining temporary fences, ensuring their compliance with general safety standards and general appearance requirements. In addition, the Municipality called on those parties to adhere to the engineering and aesthetic specifications for the fences and to ensure that they meet the safety requirements for both workers inside the site and residents near the project site. This step was prompted by the Municipality's commitment to protecting individuals’ safety and safeguarding the general appearance.
This call was made during the inspection and awareness campaign on temporary fences that was implemented by the Environment, Health, and Safety Department affiliated with the Urban Planning Sector in a number of construction sites in Abu Dhabi. The campaign aimed to urge parties responsible for these sites to adhere to the requirements for installing temporary fences around projects and to enhance the safety of the community, workers, and facilities near construction sites of all kinds.
The campaign targeted parties operating in the building and construction sector, such as contractors and consultants, stressing the need to provide safety requirements for temporary fences and ensure that all construction sites comply with safety requirements to protect community members and neighboring buildings. It also aimed to reduce the rates of temporary fence collapse incidents during possible weather fluctuations in winter. The campaign also highlighted the following points: verifying the presence of a license to install a temporary fence issued by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality; periodically maintaining temporary fences; prohibiting the placement of materials on the fence or external areas without a permit; ensuring the safety of neighboring buildings and pedestrians, and checking that the temporary fence is not deteriorated; making sure that an emergency plan is in place and activated if adjustments to temporary fences are needed; and lastly, confirming that the temporary fence's integrity is not compromised.

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