Abu Dhabi

With a firm commitment to the health and safety of community members, Abu Dhabi Municipality takes proactive measures to ensure the safety of those who frequent beauty centers and men's and women's salons, particularly during the heightened demand for these services during holidays and special occasions.
Considering this, and coinciding with the approach of the blessed Eid al-Adha, the municipality, through its Municipal Services Sector - Public Health Department, implemented an inspection and awareness campaign targeting owners of beauty centers and men's and women's salons and their workers inside and outside Abu Dhabi Island, to raise awareness about the importance of providing all health requirements to ensure the safety of community members.
As part of a comprehensive campaign, municipal inspectors actively engaged in an extensive awareness-raising initiative. This initiative targeted owners and workers of beauty centers and men's and women's salons, aiming to foster a deep understanding of the critical importance of adhering to all health regulations. The campaign covered a wide range of topics, including general hygiene practices, the safe and appropriate use of materials and equipment, and the continuous enhancement of the quality of services offered by these establishments to the public.
Concurrently, municipal inspectors diligently ensured adherence to all mandatory requirements across beauty centers and men's and women's salons. They issued several warnings to non-compliant establishments, providing them with clear guidance and education on the imperative of full compliance with all regulations.
To further amplify the campaign's objectives, a series of educational publications were disseminated through the municipality's official social media accounts and "Freejna" application. These publications aimed to raise awareness among the target audience about the crucial need to adhere to all mandated health requirements.

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